Roger Pettersen is from Fredrikstad, Norway where he spent his childhood years before he found his interest in photography and expression through the visual medium. After high-school he moved to a tiny place called Moelv, where he spent half a year finding  new perspectives through the viewfinder, meeting new people from all over the country. 
When the summer had come to an end he had moved to Oslo, and started studying at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, full time. There he met many inspired students who were hungry to learn.
The instructors, guest-speakers and faculty members were always working to make everyone the best version of themselves. He decided to focus specifically on commercial photography and refined his skillset with focus on lighting. When the program came to an end he wanted to delve deeper into this field, especially with moving images.
 He applied for Motion Pictures & Television at Academy of Art in San Francisco, and moved only six months later to start his bachelor degree. Living and working with movie-makers and other great people was inspiring, and made me want to push myself harder every day. After 7 years he has worked at a great range of projects from short films and commercials to start ups and virtual reality. Right now he is focusing on his personal projects through photography, painting and freelancing as a Gaffer, Grip & Electric and exploring new possibilities in Europe.